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No matter how much Doctor/Rose shippers ship those two, no one will ever ship them as much as Jack Harkness.

You could say he’s the

Captain of the ship.

monstersandthings asked
I finished Broadchurch. MY FEELS. Now onto Single Father...

How are you? Did you like it? We’re you able to figure out who did it before they told you?

Also, sorry for the late reply…I’ve been sick. But tomorrow afternoon/evening is devoted to Alec Hardy/Broadchurch. :D

"I knew, from the first moment, that The Runaway Bride would end with the Doctor saying, ‘Her name was Rose’"


"We don’t actually say what we’re thinking, not deliberately, not consciously. We’re revealing and guarding at the same time. You hear it, every day, in the way people say other people’s names. If someone fancies someone, but hasn’t said so out loud - and might not even be hugely conscious of it themselves - the way that they say that person’s name just gives it away.”

- Russell T Davies in Doctor Who: The Writer’s tale